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Making the Most of Your Storage Space: Finding the Perfect Fit

Secure Storage Staff | February 6, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

What is meant by "making the most of your storage unit"? It could mean being able to fit in as much as possible for many. For others, it means having a functional area for company supplies and off-season goods. Or its a location you can go to whenever you want to get necessities but don't always need.

What's the Right Storage Unit Size

We'll look at four popular storage unit sizes here, along with what fits inside and some tips for organizing them. Stuffing them back to front and floor to ceiling is one thing we do not advise. Yes, they will hold a lot, but keep in mind that you also need to be able to reach what's within. We hope that by outlining these sizes, you will also have a better understanding of what to anticipate from the in-between and even larger quantities.

For any storage unit size, there are a few fundamentals you should be aware of first.

Make most of your boxes the same size.

Small boxes are what we advise. These kinds are strong and excellent for bulky items like books, but they also function well for clothes and even linens.

Place the heaviest boxes at the base.

Your lightest boxes should be stacked on top of your heaviest boxes. Naturally, using identically sized boxes will ensure that they stack nicely. Three book boxes could be the base of a stack, followed by a box of documents, a pots and pans box that has been strengthened with packing paper, and finally a few clothes boxes at the very top.

Paper Packing

Fill any empty box with a few crumpled pieces of packing paper to make sure the stack stays solid.

Assign labels and make an inventory of your boxes.

Although time-consuming, this is worthwhile. Label each box, at the absolute least, with the place it goes in and a rough description of what's inside, such "Joe's Bedroom." t-shirts. To make it easier to locate the precise thing you want later, you might take it a step further and write down what's in each box.

Disassemble Furniture

While not every furniture can be disassembled and reassembled, doing so will help you free up storage space. Store all of the components, including the little connecting pieces and screws, in a plastic bag that is attached to a portion of the device.

Take Storage Unit With Air Conditioning

This isn't required all the time. You might not need to worry about climate control if you reside somewhere with a year-round temperate environment. Still, it will provide additional protection for your belongings against heat, cold, extreme humidity, and dryness no matter where you live. The majority of your belongings will thrive in a climate-controlled storage facility where the temperature is maintained at a constant temperature.

Let's now discuss the different unit sizes.

5x5 - Compact Storage Unit

A 5x5 unit is similar to adding more walk-in closet space to your house. You can keep certain sporting goods, off-season clothing, family antiques, and seasonal decorations in it. Store overstock inventory, displays, data, and tools if you're using it for your company. An aisle is probably unnecessary in a unit this size, but you will need to move boxes away in order to reach the extreme back.

10x10 - Medium Storage Unit

This is the most common size, and it can accommodate the belongings of roughly two rooms in your house or place of business. One may be used to hold a few stacks of boxes, an extra couch, a TV, and an entertainment center. It is the perfect size to organize your house and garage while preserving the items you need, and it is fantastic for sporting and outdoor goods as well. Think about creating a little space in the center to facilitate access to everything. Perhaps you will utilize it to store merchandise for your business on one side and off-season items on the other.

10x20 - Generous Storage Unit

Families migrating of this size would find it ideal. The whole contents of a two-bedroom apartment can fit into a 10x20. Thus, this unit is ideal for you if you are relocating, have a small family, and need a place to store everything while you are in between homes.

For refrigerators, bed sets, and other large things, these units are great. The generous quantity of space for goods, samples, displays, and tools would be appreciated by small firms.

Packing your most used items first is absolutely a good idea when using this and larger units. To make it easier for you to access the items at the back, leave an aisle across the middle.

10x30 - Extra Large Storage Unit

You can have the size of a two-car garage with an extra-large unit. It is large enough to hold the belongings of an entire multi-bedroom home, making it ideal for small and medium business owners who need to keep merchandise in addition to other items. If you're looking for a storage unit this size look no further and consider renting from other our North Tonawanda or Buffalo Location.

Pack away appliances, large furniture, seasonal decorations, sports equipment and off-season clothing, merchandise, construction tools, and displays, as well as other personal and business belongings. Once more, make sure to leave an aisle and pack your most commonly used items in the front.

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