Smart Phone using Noke app to open their Storage Units

Advanced way to Access and Secure your Belongings in Storage Units

Secure Storage Staff | September 28, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Secure Storage offers a smart entry system that allows immediate access through a smartphone app and also includes motion sensor technology. Noke Smart Entry offers a convenient and advanced way to access and secure your belongings. Here's how such a system works:

How Our Self Storage Management System Works

1.  Mobile App Access to Storage units: 

Users are emailed instructions to download the Noke mobile app on to their smartphone. This app serves as the digital key to access the storage facility and their self storage units.

2.  Registration:  

To use the system, users will need to register an account with the Secure Storage and link their smartphone to their account.

3.  Authentication:  

When you arrive at the storage facility, use the mobile app to authenticate yourself. This can involve logging in to your account, using biometric authentication (e.g., fingerprint or face recognition), or entering a secure PIN code. Once done Authentication to your storage unit is complete.

4.  Access Control:  

Once authenticated, the app communicates with the storage facility's access control system to unlock the gate, door, or other entry point to the facility. This access control system is often integrated with electronic locks or gates. The same can be applied to your storage facility.

5.  Motion Sensors:  

Motion sensors are strategically placed on the controller for each unit to monitor activity. If an unauthorized person or suspicious activity is detected in or around the storage area, the system can trigger alerts or security measures.

6.  Access Logs To Storage Facility And Storage Units:  

The system maintains access logs to the storage facility and storage units, which can be reviewed by both the storage facility management and users. This provides a record of who accessed the facility and when.

Benefits of the Noke Smart Entry system include:

Convenience Accessing your Storage Unit: 

You can access your storage unit using your smartphone, eliminating the need for physical keys or access cards.

Enhanced Security For Your Items in Storage:

The use of modern technology like mobile apps and motion sensors can enhance the security of the storage facility by reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Real-time Monitoring:

Motion sensors and access logs provide real-time monitoring and record-keeping, adding an extra layer of security.

Remote Access To the Storage Facility:  

In some cases, users can grant temporary access to others remotely, making it convenient for sharing access with family members or authorized users to our storage facility and your storage unit.

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