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Storing Christmas gifts at Secure Storage

Secure Storage Staff | November 16, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Storing Christmas gifts at Secure Storage in a storage unit to keep them hidden from your kids can be a clever way to maintain the surprise. Here are some tips to ensure the gifts remain hidden and secure from kids of all ages.

Use Unmarked Boxes:

Pack the gifts in unmarked boxes or containers. Avoid labeling them with "Christmas gifts" or anything that might give away their contents.


Store the gifts in containers that do not look like typical gift boxes. For example, use storage bins, suitcases, or large plastic tubs that can easily blend in with other items in your storage unit.

Disguise the Content:

Wrap the gifts in plain or neutral-colored paper to further conceal their identity. You can even add a layer of clothes or blankets on top to create the appearance of ordinary storage items.

Choose a Secure Storage Unit:

Opt for a climate-controlled self storage unit, secure storage unit with Noké Smart Entry. This ensures the safety of your gifts and minimizes the risk of theft or damage.

High Shelves or Hidden Spots:

If possible, place the gifts on high shelves or in the back of the storage unit behind other items. This makes them less accessible and less likely to be found accidentally.

Inventory List:

Keep a detailed inventory of what you've stored in the unit. This helps you keep track of the gifts and ensures nothing is accidentally left behind.

Noke Smart Entry:

Limit access to the storage unit with our Noke Smart Entry App. Only you or a trusted family member can have a virtual key to enter the storage unit. Noke allows you to share the virtual key with others and it keeps a log of who enters the storage unit. This will prevent your kids from stumbling upon the gifts.

Choose Off-Peak Hours:

When you need to access the storage unit to retrieve or add gifts, choose times when your kids are less likely to be around or to notice.

Be Discreet:

When discussing the storage unit or retrieving items, be discreet and avoid mentioning the presence of gifts.

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