Storing Your Summer Toys for the Winter

Storing Your Summer Toys for the Winter For Long Term Self Storage

Secure Storage Staff | September 28, 2023 @ 12:00 AM

Long Term Vehicle Storage

Storing your ATV in a storage units, vehicle or lawn equipment at Secure Storage over the winter is a practical and smart decision. Proper long term vehicle storage ensures that your valuable assets remain in excellent condition and ready for use when the warmer months roll around. Here are some essential tips for effective vehicle storage:

1. Clean and Prepare:

Before storing your ATV, vehicle, and lawn equipment, clean them thoroughly. Remove dirt, mud, grass, and any debris. Clean and lubricate moving parts, such as chains and cables. This prevents corrosion and ensures everything works smoothly when you take them out of storage.

2. Drain Fluids:

Drain the fuel from your ATV and lawn equipment's tanks. Storing them with a full tank can lead to fuel deterioration and engine problems. You should also change the oil to prevent contaminants from sitting in the engine over the winter.

3. Battery Care in Long Term Storage:

Disconnect the batteries or use a battery maintainer to keep them charged during self storage. Make sure your storage unit has electric outlets before renting it out. Cold temperatures can be harsh on batteries, and a maintained charge will prolong their life. Climate Controlled Storage Units would help fight against those cold temperatures.

4. Tires Care Recommendation in Storage:

Inflate the tires to the recommended pressure. If possible, store your vehicles on tire stands to prevent flat spots from developing over time. Periodically rotating the tires can also help.

5. Lubricate:

Lubricate all moving parts with the appropriate oils or grease. This will prevent rust and keep components in good condition.

6. Covering:

Use proper covers for your ATV, vehicle and lawn equipment to protect them from dust and debris. Ensure the covers are breathable to prevent moisture buildup.

7. Elevate:

Whenever possible, store your vehicles on pallets or stands to keep them off the ground. This prevents moisture from seeping into the tires and undercarriage.

8. Climate Control:

Choose a climate controlled self storage unit. Maintaining a stable temperature and humidity level inside the self storage unit is ideal for preventing rust and corrosion.

9. Documentation While in Storage:

Take photos of your vehicles or equipment before long term storage and keep a record of their condition. This can be helpful in case of any unexpected issues or insurance claims.

10. Check Regularly:

Visit your self storage unit periodically, even during winter, to inspect your ATV and lawn equipment. Start and run the engine occasionally to keep it lubricated.

By following the guidelines above, you can ensure that your ATV, vehicle or lawn equipment are stored safely during the winter months. In addition, at Secure Storage we take great measures to keep our facility and your belongings secure, we have installed over 100 + surveillance cameras, we have superior lighting throughout the facility and monitor gate and unit access through the advanced Noke Smart Entry Mobile System. Rest assured your ATV, vehicle and equipment are also stored securely. When spring arrives, your ATV, vehicle and lawn equipment will be in excellent condition and ready for action. 

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