Bluetooth Locks

Supplied by Nokē Smart Entry

Using the Nokē Smart Entry System

Learn how to access your self storage unit in three easy steps

Open the Nokē Smart Entry App

Open the app or go to on your smartphone

Tap the Icon

Find the icon for the gate or storage unit you want to access and tap on it

Access Granted!

If you are accessing your individual unit, the light on your unit’s NokēOne latch should turn green, indicating it is unlocked

Security and Convenience in an App

We are proud to offer a more secure and user-friendly way to access your self storage units. With the Nokē Smart Entry app, you can say goodbye to the days of forgetting your physical key or remembering another PIN.

Simply download the app and use it to access both the facility gate and your storage units! The best part is all it takes is an item you most likely already have: a smartphone.

Nokē is a Bluetooth electronic lock that allows you to access the storage facility and storage units via an app on your smartphone—no more forgotten or lost keys or having to open your car windows to enter a code on a keypad in the rain.

Just open the app, tap on an icon, and you can access the facility and unit.

Share Access with Digital Keys

If you have a family member, friend, or another person you want to have access to your Buffalo self storage unit, granting that access is easier than ever with Nokē.

You can go onto the app and grant anyone you want access to your unit. Access is totally in your control, and you can add or remove access as you wish.

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